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Salman Khan & Miss Universe Olivia Culpo "Celebrate The Child" Cause With Sanjana Jon
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Sanjana Jon on Save The Girl Child Campaign
H2oMovement Walk For Water
Sanjana Jon ,Anand Sahu with Volunteers & Students in Graphics Era University at H2oMovement Walk For Water Movement

The world needs compassion and beyond caste creed color culture we need humanity

Par Anand Charitable Trust was formed to propagate promote and project the need for a Community of Love n Light.

 PACT is a non-profit charity organization that began to counter a silent crisis of abandoned and abused animals in Southeast Asia is now expanding worldwide.

While Man’s Best Friend has a slew of donors, organizations, and celebrities helping them all over the world, there is a marked lack of the above when it comes to the South Asian-Indian subcontinent where dogs are not “exotic” enough for being endangered, nor are they sacred (like cows are), nor is saving them glamorous or cool.

Some of these pups have being extensively abused and come in to receive shelter Food and Health Care for the first time often in extremely traumatized states.

The trust has 100 plus street dogs in Par Anand Charitable Trust– where several specially abled dogs are housed and taken care of. Feeding hundreds of street animals from dogs to cows is a daily undertaking and providing medical care when necessary.

Our Hon Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji himself is an avid supporter of animals and has raised the standard of protection and providing facilities for them pan India

One of the highest ranking officials of the Indian government, Maneka Gandhi has also openly condemned such cruelty against animals as nothing short of “a federal crime”.

Feeding hundreds of street animals from dogs to cows is a daily undertaking and providing medical care when necessary.

Sterilization Vaccination Rabies shots are also provided consistently. H2OMovement the Movie – Walk for Water Walk for Life is another important project where several ministries have either collaboratively worked on Environmental Sustainability to create awareness and to revive resurrect water bodies’ groundwater levels and enhance the green revolution. Help Us Save The Humanity

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Anti Rabbis Vacination Camp in Delhi

Anti-Rabies Vaccination Awareness Campaign

Anti-rabies vaccination awareness campaigns are vital in the fight against this deadly disease. By educating the public, dispelling myths, promoting responsible pet ownership, and ensuring access to vaccination services, these campaigns not only save lives but also contribute to a healthier and safer environment for communities. Public awareness and engagement remain essential tools in the global effort to eliminate rabies.

Numerous regions and areas have successfully implemented anti-rabies vaccination awareness campaigns.India, which historically had a high incidence of rabies, has made significant progress through its “Mission Rabies” campaign. By offering free mass dog vaccination drives, educating communities, and training healthcare professionals, we’ve managed to reduce rabies cases in many areas.

Key Objectives of Anti-Rabies Vaccination Awareness Campaigns:

  • Educating the Public

    The primary goal of these campaigns is to inform the public about the dangers of rabies and the importance of vaccination. Many people in affected areas are unaware of the disease or do not understand the importance of vaccination. Awareness campaigns aim to change this.

  • Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

    A significant source of rabies transmission is through unvaccinated pets. These campaigns stress the need for responsible pet ownership, including regular vaccination.

  • Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions

    Many myths and misconceptions surround rabies and its treatment. Awareness campaigns work to dispel these myths and provide accurate information about the disease and its prevention.

  • Access to Vaccination Services

    Ensuring that people and their pets have access to affordable and reliable rabies vaccination services is another crucial objective. This may involve setting up vaccination clinics or subsidizing the cost of vaccination.

  • Community Engagement

    Building partnerships and involving the community is essential. Local leaders, schools, and healthcare professionals often play a key role in the success of these campaigns.

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Sanjana Jon Feeding Street Mother dogs and Puppies

Feeding street dogs might seem like a simple act of kindness, but it has far-reaching benefits. It not only addresses the immediate issue of hunger but also contributes to the overall well-being of these animals. Stray dogs often face numerous challenges, including food scarcity, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and the risk of accidents or disease. The Par Anand Charitable Trust’s effort to provide regular meals to these dogs alleviates their suffering and enhances their quality of life.Our charitable trust’s work extends to several places, reflecting their commitment to making a difference on a larger scale. By feeding street dogs in multiple locations, they are not only helping individual animals but also influencing the broader community’s perception of animal welfare. Their presence and consistent efforts serve as a reminder of the importance of compassion for all living beings, regardless of their species or status.

Our Skills

Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

In addition to providing food, the Par Anand Charitable Trust may also offer other forms of support, such as medical care and shelter for injured or sick animals. These comprehensive efforts reflect a deep commitment to improving the lives of street dogs and ensuring their well-being.


Feeding street dogs might appear to be a small act, but it represents a significant step toward creating a more humane and caring society. The Par Anand Charitable Trust’s dedication to this cause exemplifies the impact that a single organization or individual can have in improving the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves. Through their work, they inspire others to join in and help build a world where compassion extends to all living creatures, making it a better place for everyone.

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FAQ Par Anand Charitable Trust

Rescuing Paws, Restoring Lives: A Haven for Strays.Providing compassionate care and shelter to abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals, including street dogs, to ensure their well-being and a chance for a better life.

The Par Anand Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to various social and humanitarian causes.

Our mission at trust is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals, with a primary focus on caring for over 100 street dogs currently under our wing. We are dedicated to providing them with a safe haven, medical attention, nourishment, and the love they deserve. Our commitment extends beyond temporary relief; we strive to create lasting changes in their lives by finding them loving forever homes and The trust's mission is to empower underprivileged communities through education, healthcare, and other support services.

The Trust is located in Gurugram Haryana India

You can get involved by volunteering, donating, or participating in various programs and initiatives.

The trust offers programs related to abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals are treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.Also education, healthcare, skill development, and community development.

Yes, the trust is a registered and recognized non-profit organization.

You can donate online through our website or contact us directly for donation options.

Yes, currently we accept donations in India only to registered charitable trusts are tax-deductible. Please consult your local tax laws for details .To avail tax exemption under 80G, please provide your Pan No. or Aadhar Number.

If you do not have these details, Please provide your Passport No. or Elector’s Photo identity No. or Driving licence No. or Ration card No. or Taxpayer Identification No.

Income-tax (6th Amendment) Rules, 2021, W.E.F 1/4/2021

Yes, You can contact the trust with your proposal, and we will consider it based on your mission and available resources.

Rescuing Paws, Restoring Lives: A Haven for Strays :Providing compassionate care and shelter to abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals, including street dogs, to ensure their well-being and a chance for a better life.

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