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Through our vision and mission, we strive to create a world where every life, no matter how small or vulnerable, is treasured, protected, and celebrated.

Animal Care

Vision : At Par Anand Charitable Trust, our vision is to create a world where abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals are treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. We aspire to be a beacon of hope for these vulnerable creatures, working tirelessly to alleviate their suffering and provide them with a chance for a better life.

Sanjana Jon Feeding Street Mother dogs and Puppies

Mission: Our mission at trust is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals, with a primary focus on caring for over 100 street dogs currently under our wing. We are dedicated to providing them with a safe haven, medical attention, nourishment, and the love they deserve. Our commitment extends beyond temporary relief; we strive to create lasting changes in their lives by finding them loving forever homes.

Girl Child

Our vision is simple yet powerful – we envision a world where every girl child is cherished, protected, and given the opportunities and resources to fulfill her potential. We dream of a society where the birth of a girl child is celebrated with as much joy and enthusiasm as that of a boy, and where girls can thrive in an environment free from discrimination, violence, and prejudice.

Saving the girl child is not just a mission; it’s a moral imperative. We believe that when we invest in the well-being, education, and empowerment of girls, we are building a brighter, more equitable future for all. Par Anand Charitable Trust is dedicated to this cause, and we invite you to join us in our vision and mission to create a world where every girl child can thrive and contribute to society’s progress. Together, we can save the girl child and empower the future.


Our trust is not just dedicated to humanitarian or animal causes but also actively contributes to the preservation and protection of our environment. Our commitment to environmental conservation is a testament to their holistic approach to social responsibility. Through various initiatives and programs, we are making significant strides in raising awareness about sustainable practices, promoting eco-friendly technologies, and advocating for a greener and cleaner future. Our efforts serve as an inspiring example of how a charitable organization can have a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Cleen & Green Kochi Campaign by dr.Sanjana Jon

Furthermore, the trust is actively engaged in promoting eco-friendly practices within the community. It conducts awareness campaigns and educational programs to encourage sustainable living, waste reduction, and responsible resource consumption. By advocating for these practices, the trust fosters a sense of environmental responsibility among the community members, fostering a more sustainable way of life.

H2oMovement Walks for Water Campaign

The H2oMovement Walks for Water Campaign by Par Anand Charitable Trust is a commendable initiative aimed at raising awareness about the global water crisis. Through this campaign, the trust encourages individuals to participate in walks, spreading the message of water conservation and the importance of clean water access for all. This initiative not only promotes physical activity but also emphasizes the dire need to conserve and protect our water resources.Commitment to this cause reflects its dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and the lives of those who struggle to access safe drinking water. The H2oMovement Walks for Water Campaign serves as a powerful reminder that access to clean water is a basic human right that we must work collectively to secure for everyone.

The H2Omovement Rishikesh Walk For Water

Additionally, the trust collaborates with other organizations, schools, collages, universities and governmental bodies to address larger environmental issues. By capaigning participating in discussions, sharing knowledge, and supporting policy changes, our plays a vital role in shaping a more environmentally conscious and responsible society.

What We Do

  • Rescue and Rehabilitation:

    We proactively seek out and rescue abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals from the harsh realities of the streets. Our skilled team of caregivers and veterinarians work tirelessly to nurse them back to health, providing medical treatment, surgeries, and therapy as needed.

  • Shelter and Care:

    At our dedicated facility, we offer a safe and comfortable shelter for our animals. They receive proper nutrition, clean living spaces, and a supportive environment to recover physically and emotionally.

  • Medical Support:

    We believe in comprehensive medical care, ensuring that each animal receives regular check-ups, vaccinations, and access to specialized treatments when required. We also collaborate with veterinary experts to explore innovative solutions for the unique needs of our animals.

  • Socialization and Training:

    Our team focuses on socializing the animals, helping them regain trust in humans and other animals. We provide training and behavioral support, making them more adaptable and enhancing their chances of successful adoption.

  • Adoption and Forever Homes:

    Our ultimate goal is to find loving and responsible forever homes for the animals in our care. We carefully screen potential adopters to ensure the best match and provide post-adoption support to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Community Outreach and Education:

    We believe that lasting change starts with education. We conduct workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to promote responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and the importance of spaying/neutering.

Our Highest Ambition
is to Help Children

Join us in our mission to provide a second chance at life for abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals. Your support, whether through volunteering, donations, or spreading awareness, can make a significant impact in creating a more compassionate world for these vulnerable beings.

Together, we can turn their stories of despair into tales of resilience and hope.

By supporting us, you become a vital part of the positive change we’re creating.

Featured Causes

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Support Us Through Multiple Ways

At Par Anand Charitable Trust, we are dedicated to addressing pressing societal issues with a profound sense of urgency. Our vision and mission revolve around four core causes that are close to our hearts. The H2oMovement is our initiative to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water for all, a basic human right that remains elusive for many. We also champion the “Walks For Water” campaign, which raises awareness about water scarcity and the need for sustainable water management.

Another vital cause we embrace is “Don’t Shop, Adopt Stray Dogs,” promoting the adoption of stray dogs to provide them with loving homes and reduce the stray animal population. Finally, we are committed to the cause of “Save The Girl Child,” advocating for gender equality, education, and empowerment of girls, as they are an invaluable part of our society’s future. These causes drive our daily efforts, inspiring us to make a positive impact on the world.

Rescuing Paws, Restoring Lives: A Haven for Strays :Providing compassionate care and shelter to abandoned, handicapped, and sick street animals, including street dogs, to ensure their well-being and a chance for a better life.

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